Last-second shot in Kedainiai ends Jekabpils' season

Photo: Lasma Irsa

KEDAINIAI – It was without a doubt the most intriguing end to a series we’ve seen in a long time, as two last-second shots made it an absolute thriller. Nevezis lost 77-80, but the final shot swayed the series against Jekabpils in their direction, as they had won the first leg by four.


It was truly a whirlwind of a game, as both the lead, and flow of the game changed hands back and forth. With a four-point advantage entering the game, Nevezis had a little bit more breathing room, but Jekabpils didn’t make it easy for them.

The Lithuanians got ahead 8-4 in a low-scoring opening of the game, but Jekabpils responded with a 13-2 run to overtake their opponents and push the advantage to seven.

It was then the other team making a run of their own in the second period – a five point deficit soon turned into a 27-21 lead for Nevezis. They maintained a good rhythm and entered halftime with a five point lead in the game, and a nine point lead in the series overall.

Once again, though, the seesaw rose the other way, and a an incredible performance by Rinalds Sirsnins and Andrejs Selakovs in the opening three minutes of the second half drove Jekabpils back into contention. The two combined for 11 consecutive points and put the visitors in the driving seat again for a while… Nevezis closed out the quarter well and were up by six before the final quarter, meaning Jekabpils had to overcome a 10-point deficit.

They nearly did exactly that, as just seconds separated them from victory. After a turnover, the finally got ahead by five, meaning they jumped in front in the combined scoreboard. However, Jermaine Love cold-heartedly sent a dagger their way, nailing a jumpshot to bring Nevezis back.

Vaidotas Volkus was the leading scorer for Nevezis, as he dropped 21 ponts. Karolis Petrukonis added another 14, while Paulius Petrilevicius ended up with 11 points. Toni Prostran continued working his magic passing the ball, as he delivered 12 assists and added 11 points to that for a complete performance.

Jurijs Aleksejevs was possibly the best performer today overall, scoring 20 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Pavels Veselovs chipped in with 17 points, while Rinalds Sirsnins contributed a double-double of 13 points and 11 assists. Janis Antrops ended the game with 10 points.

Photo: Triobet BBL director Romualdas Brazauskas awards Toni Prostran (the best player in the most assists category)