Barons/LDz shocks Juventus with blowout win

RIGA – Talking about unexpected results, the Barons/LDzJuventus matchup would be the first one to pop to mind. The Latvians, who entered the BBL Playoffs as the 13th seed, manhandled the best team of the regular season, taking an 82-58 (22-12; 16-10; 23-13; 21-23) victory.


Juventus now face a 24-point deficit before the final match of the two-game series in Utena.

Barons/LDz started hot, pulling ahead by seven halfway through the initial frame. They dominated the boards early on and managed to amass a double-digit lead before the quarter ended.

The situation got much worse for Juventus just before halftime, when Baronas/LDz used a 9-1 run to set themselves up with an 18-point advantage.

The margin slowly grew after the break and reached an insurmountable 23 points after thirty minutes of play. The winner was all but clear and all that was left to find out was the final score. Although the margin had reached 28 with two minutes on the clock, Juventus managed to slightly decrease it and will be hoping for a perfect game back at home.

Dmitro Gliebov was the leading scorer for the Latvian side with 23 points. Kaspars Kambala had an impressive double-double on near-perfect shooting, as he tallied 18 points and 12 rebounds. Pavlo Burenko added 17 points and 6 assists to the victory, Kaspars Cipruss ended the game with 9 points and 13 rebounds.

Juventus played their worst game this season, scoring only 58 points, while their previous lowest scoring performance was 71. Of those 58 points, Vaidas Cepukaitis was responsible for 13, alongside his 9 rebounds. Rashaun Broadus chipped in with 11, while Saulius Kulvietis finished the game with 9 points.