Barsy's 8 game losing streak ends in Parnu

PARNU – It has finally happened, Barsy have won for the first time. In a thrilling fashion the Kazakhs held on to a slim margin and managed to stay afloat and ended up defeating Port of Parnu 96-92.


The Estonians were the first ones to jump ahead in the first quarter, as they piled up a six point advantage at the end of the period.

It was a whole different story in the second quarter though, as the visitors went on huge run. They tied up the game in a matter of minutes and took the lead soon after. Winning the quarter by 14, it was already an 8-point advantage for Barsy.

The lead just grew after the break, as the Kazaks improved it to 13. They managed to bring the momentum to the final quarter as well, as the advantage reached 20 points with 5 minutes remaining. It was looking to become an easy win for Barsy, but they nearly managed to mess it all up, as the home side regained momentum and came back to just a three point game.

Nevertheless, the Estonians needed just a minute or two more, as time was running really low and Barsy managed to stay on top.

The league‘s top scorer Trevin Parks had another monstrous game, scoring 33 points, including season record 14 made free-throws. Pavel Micheev added 21 points and 9 rebounds, while Ryan Cook added 14 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

Edvinas Seskus was also beasting all game, scoring 28 points. Last week‘s MVP Mikhel Kirves added 15 points and 7 rebounds, while Saimon Sutt had 11 points. Reinar Hallik finished the game with 10 points.