BBL Quarterfinals pairs announced

With a regular season full of excitement, on-court and off-court drama, records and wonderful skill showcases, it has come to a finish. Eight clubs, top four from each group continue their quest for a trophy with the first step being the BBL Quarterfinals.


The pairs were decided by a traditional two group format, where the first seed of Group A plays the fourth seed of Group B, second seed of Group A plays the third seed of Group B and vice versa.

All qualified teams will be ranked from 1st to 8th place according to their win-loss records for determining home/away games in the BBL Semi-Finals and the BBL Finals (the team with the higher ranking after BBL Regular season will play the second game at home), but the Quarterfinals will be played out as follows:

  Group A Team Group B Team
1st Pair Jurmala Kalev/TLU
2nd Pair Siauliai Ogre
3rd Pair AVIS Utilitas Rapla University of Tartu
4th Pair Port of Parnu Pieno Zvaigzdes

The winners of the 1st pair will face the winners of the 3rd pair in one side of the Playoff tree in the Semifinals, while the winners of the 2nd and 4th pairs will line up on the other.

The games will be played in a home-away format and the team with an advantage in the combined score of both games will move on to the next round. The first leg of the Eight-Finals will be played on the 27-28th of February, while the second leg will be carried out after a week's break, on the 6-7th of March.