BBL Weekly Review: Volume 8

The Baltic Basketball League (BBL) presents its weekly review that will provide fans with the opportunity to quickly overlook all the main events and spectacular performances that took place in the league.


A SHOT AWAY. Maks&Moorits’ struggles for the first victory of the season continue after they fell short by a single shot against Caspiy Aktau.

OFFENSIVE WOES. Despite the fact that Caspiy averaged only 52.7 points in three games, they still managed to nab a victory. However, the other two match-ups resulted in losses by nearly forty points.

ZERO. Maks&Moorits’ Sasha Avalic couldn’t get anything to fall in his team’s 54-56 loss against Caspiy. The swingman ended the game with no points as he missed all four two-pointers and all eight shots from behind the arc.

ROLLING. Pieno Zvaigzdes’ win streak expanded to nine after the team from Lithuania steamrolled its way past Caspiy, 87-46.

THE END? Caspiy played their last three games of the regular season and finished off with a 3-9 record. Unless they receive grace from teams in Group A and B, their BBL season is already over.

Egidijus Dimsa becomes this week’s MVP with a very efficient performance. The center scored 18 points, tore down 5 rebounds and ended the game with 25 ranking points, while Pieno Zvaigzdes coasted to an easy victory.

Karolis Petrukonis and Harvey Grant share the second spot this week, as they both had very similar outcomes. While both big men played only 18 minutes, they were a bigpartof their teams’ victories. Grant scored 17 points and added 7 rebounds, while Petrukonis contributed 18 and 6.

Right behind them is Edgaras Stanionis of Juventus, who also had 21 ranking points. The shooting guard was active on both sides of the court, as he gathered 14 points, 4 rebounds and a season-high 6 steals.

For the first time on the list this season – a player from Maks&Moorits Valga. Although Ferg Myrick scored 15 points and gathered 13 rebounds, it still was not enough for a victory.