Borisfen unable to debut in a winning manner

PASVALYS - It was certainly a night to forget for Borisfen on their Triobet BBL debut. The Belarusian newcomers had a nightmare of an evening and were absolutely destroyed in Pasvalys, as Pieno Zvaigzdes came out on top with this season‘s biggest win, 102-68.


While Borisfen started the game pretty well, and kept their heads above the water with a two point lead after the first quarter.

The second and third quarters were a totally different matter though, as Pieno Zvaigzdes rose to a 20-point lead in the second quarter alone and pushed the margin to the mid thirties.

Borisfen‘s defense was non-existant throughout the game and Pieno Zvaigzdes reached the 100-point mark quite early in the fourth quarter. Obviously, the final minutes were merely a formality and the Lithuanian side achieved a wonderful victory to push their record to 2-0.

Seven players reached double-digit scoring for the Pasvalys side, as Ignas Fiodorovas was the leading scorer with 13 points. Justas Tamulis, Vilmantas Dilys and Karolis Babkauskas all chipped in with 12 points apiece, while Steponas Babrauskas, Dennis Balentine and Egidijus Dimsa added 11 points each.

On the other side, Maksim Kozlovets did most of the hard work, as he led the game with 27 points in his account. Yauheni Ivanou added 12, while Vytautas Kamarunas chipped in with 11