Jekabpils come back to win it in Rakvere

RAKVERE - Jekabpils made a great fourth quarter turnaround and came back to win it against Tarvas, 83-82 in what was surely the most exciting game of the week.


We saw five lead changes in the first quarter alone, as neither side managed any sort of advantage, going back and forth, back and forth.

While it seemed the second period would have the same scenario, Tarvas finally managed to get away with a run starting in the middle of the quarter. A couple great consecutive trips allowed them to push ahead by 10.

Jekabpils trimmed the deficit in half and finally had some momentum going in the third quarter. The gap was cut to just 2 points before Tarvas got a small run of their own going. Once again, they brought their lead back to 10 points with a couple minutes to go in the final quarter.

In the final quarter, it was nothing but Jekabpils. They opened the quarter with 8 unanswered points, leading to a 13-3 run, and finally jumped ahead by one.

The teams continued to battle it out for the remaining half of the quarter, and it was finally Rinalds Sirsnins free-throws that took the game for Jekabpils, as Tarvas’ final shot did not reach the target.