Juventus erase Barons' 24-point lead and advance

UTENA – What an end to the series in Utena! Juventus has managed to overcome a 24-point first leg deficit with a 84-58 (18-13; 23-9; 13-13; 30-23) victory against Barons/LDz on Thursday evening and just made it into the Quarterfinals.


The Lithuanian side was on the edge of a bottomless pit before the game, having lost the first duel 58-82, but proved that home grounds do mean a lot to them.

The Lithuanians started slowly and were behind 2-8 with four minutes played. However, then they used a 16-4 run to swing the things to their direction.

Juventus didn’t stop there – they set up another run, 18-3 and amassed a 20-point advantage before halftime. The two sides went back and forth in the third quarter, but neither of the teams made any steps towards victory.

Twenty two points separated the two sides with a minute on the clock and Barons still held onto a 2-point combined lead. However, Arvydas Siksnius and Simas Buterlevicius made sure that changed. They scored 7 points in less than a minute and pushed the Lithuanian side up by 27.

Barons/LDz didn’t manage to get a shot off before Juventus fouled them and missed one free-throw to make the situation even worse.  The two sides exchanged missed free-throws and the Latvians just ran out of time.

Arvydas Siksnius led the squad with 18 points, while Simas Buterlevicius was just as good with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Rashaun Broadus, Valdas Dabkus and Nikita Barinov scored 11 points each, as the latter two also added 6 rebounds apiece.

Only five players managed to get on the scoring sheet for Barons/LDz, as Pavlo Vurenko led the way with 18. Kaspars Kambala and Dmitro Gliebov added 12, while Matiss Rudmiezis finished the game with 10 points and 6 rebounds.