Kalev/Cramo top Pyrinto, improve to 4-0

TAMPERE – Kalev/Cramo left Finland unscathed, as they pulled out a tough 87-81 (24-18; 22-17; 14-27; 27-19) victory after a tiring duel against Pyrinto on Thursday evening.


The Estonian club now sits atop of Group A with four victories and no losses. Pyrinto, on the other hand, have a split record of two wins and losses each.

Early on, it was Kalev/Cramo in front, as they used an 8-0 run to pull ahead. The visitors kept hold of a lead of some sort for the rest of the quarter. With 10 minutes played, Kalev/Cramo led the way by six.

The margin kept growing and had already reached 15 points midway through the second quarter.

The Finns came out focused after the break and proved they can put up a real fight. They erased the double-digit lead in half of a quarter and were once again level. A last-second tap-in by Damon Williams allowed Pyrinto to gain a two-point lead before the final ten minutes.

The duo of Williams and Will Harris pushed Pyrinto’s advantage to five and they seemed in a good position to fight for victory. However, an 8-1 run helped Kalev/Cramo reestablished their lead. For the next five minutes, the teams went neck to neck, but the Tallinn side was just too clutch.

They knocked down two consecutive three-pointers in the final minute, which pushed them to the leading role and gave a 4 point lead with 11 seconds to go. Pyrinto could not answer with a bucket of their own and fouls were the only chance of staying alive.

Rolands Freimanis and EJ Singler led the way for Kalev/Cramo with 15 points apiece, while the latter also devoured 12 rebounds. Reinar Hallik chipped in with 15, while Scott Machado and Mindaugas Kupsas were responsible for respectively 13 and 11 points.

Will Harris topped the game in scoring with 20 points to his name, while Antero Lehto added 19 to the tally. Alex Vaenerberg ended the game with 13, while Damon Williams was his usual self with 12 points and 14 rebounds.