Nevezis hit triple digits, blow out Barsy

KEDAINIAI – It was another big loss for Barsy Atyrau, as they fell at the hands of Nevezis, following a heavy beating in the first half. The 103-73 win was Nevezis 7th overall, as they improved to a 7-3 record.


The game went back and forth for the five opening minutes, as it was a stalemate at 9-9 halfway into the first quarter. However, the Lithuanians managed to perform in the second part of the period and amassed a nine point lead after ten minutes of play.

It didn‘t take long for Nevezis to cement their lead, as they managed to stop the Kazakhs‘ offense and burst ahead in the latter part of the half. A 21-3 run pushed the margin to 28 points and sent the visitors to a knock-out.

There wasn‘t too much to talk about in the second half, as the two sides played some pretty level basketball. While the shots weren‘t falling for either side in the third period, they had more than their fair share of makes in the final fourth. Either way, the final buzzer signaled a lopsided victory for Nevezis and Barsy’s seventh straight loss.

Seven players reached double-digit scoring for Nevezis, as Toni Prostran led the way with 16. He also accounted for a number of his teammates’ points, as he dished out 10 assists. The trio of Karolis Petrukonis, Ignas Vaitkus (7 assists and 5 rebounds) and Ivan Smiljanic all had 14 points, while the latter also contributed 9 rebounds. Simonas Kymantas added 11 points, while Vaidotas Volkus and Arminas Kelmelis ended the game with 10.

On the other side, it was Pavel Ilin guiding the way, as he scored 17 points. Mikhail Yevstigneev added 11 points, while Trevin Parks and Vadim Matyukevich accounted for 10 points each.