Pasvalys take close win in Rakvere

RAKVERE – The closest game of the night occurred in Rakvere, where local Tarvas managed to put up a good fight against Pieno Zvaigzdes. Tarvas were considered a heavy underdog for this game, but managed to stay close and gave the Lithuanians a good scare. The final score, however, was in the Pasvalys side’s favor – 94-87 (30-24; 15-20; 26-24; 23-19).


This might just be the most interesting series, with the Lithuanians only ahead by 7 before the final game in Pasvalys.

While Tarvas had the early lead, Pieno Zvaigzdes managed not only to catch up, but also pass their opponents before the quarter ended. They used an 8-0 run to pull ahead and ended the first period ahead by six.

The three Tarvas’ top scorers – Juris Umbrasko, Brandis Raley-Ross and Julius Brooks – scored all but two of the team’s points in the second quarter and helped the Estonians cut the margin to just one before halftime.

The teams went back and forth in the third quarter, as neither of them could grasp a tangible lead. Unlike in most other today’s matchups, the winner was still not clear after three quarters.

Tarvas struggled early on in the final period and that helped Pieno Zvaigzdes amass a 14-point lead halfway through. However, the Estonians made sure they kept all doors open in the return game and rallied back to only a 5-point deficit. Evaldas Kairys hit the final shot and extended Pasvalys’ lead to 7.

Michael Dixon Jr. was the leading scorer for Pieno Zvaigzdes with 17 points. Evaldas Kairys was impressive with 15 points, while Zygimantas Skucas added 12. Osvaldas Olisevicius added 10, while Tauras Jogela had 9 points. The January MVP Laimonas Kisielius had a poor game with 8 points.

Juris Umbrasko led the losing side in scoring with 23. Brandis Raley-Ross, who was presented with the top-scorer award prior to the game, added 19 points and 6 rebounds. Julius Kavon Brooks finished the game with 16 points and 9 rebounds, while Reinar Hallik ended up scoring 15.