Petrilevicius: "I'm feeling really comfortable in Parnu"

PARNU – The decision to change clubs in the beginning of November is proving to be an excellent one for Paulius Petrilevicius, who chose to give up a bench role at Juventus to try his luck in Estonia, immediately becoming a Triobet BBL sensation for Port of Parnu.


Rewarded for his stellar play with a November MVP award, the 24-year-old is leading the league in efficiency and has made quickly become one of the leaders at his new club, averaging 19.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.8 during his Estonian experience so far. asked Petrilevicius some questions about the interesting season he has been having so far, how he has managed to adapt to life in Estonia and the goals for future.

Paulius, congrats on winning the MVP of the month award. You have become one of the club’s most important players despite arriving only a month ago. How did your new teammates welcome you and help to adjust?

Thank you for the congratulations. My teammates at the Parnu team are extra friendly. They helped me to adapt not only on the basketball court, but also in a new city. When I came to Parnu, everything seemed new and a little scary, but now I’m feeling great here.

What do you think you bring to the team on the court? Did you talk with the coach about what he expects from you, are there any specific tasks that he has set?

We didn’t speak with the coach about the special tasks I need to do. But as I know, the team was looking for a player who can take rebounds and help in defense. I am trying to do the best I can.

Why did you part ways with your previous team Juventus and what were the main reasons why you decided to continue your career in Estonia?

Juventus team needed a different player and maybe they wanted a stronger player. I didn’t feel useful and that was the main thing why I decided to change teams. After all, I spoke with my agent and he found me some options where to go. In the end, I chose Parnu and I am really happy to be here! All in all, I'm feeling really comfortable here, the main thing is that I have possibilities to play to my full capability.

How much did you know about Estonian basketball before and how has your opinion changed since coming to Parnu?

Before I came to Estonia I knew that basketball here is the same we play in Lithuania or in other countries. I haven’t noticed any differences yet. 

What do you hope to accomplish this season with Parnu in the Estonian league and in BBL?

I hope that our team will be successful and will reach as many wins as possible. The main aim of mine is to improve each and all parts of my game.

You’re still a young player who is on the path of improvement. What are the specific areas of your game that you’re trying to improve right now?

I am trying to improve practically all parts of my game because, as we all know, perfection has no limits.

Is there anything you would like to say to Parnu fans?

I would like to say big thanks for all who are interested in basketball and supports our team. Thank you that you all believe in us.