Pieno Zvaigzdes go through to Semis on first leg merit

PASVALYS - While there was little doubt that Pieno Zvaigzdes would make it through the Quarterfinals stage after a 30-point victory on the road, a lot of people were left surprised that Parnu managed to put up a good fight in the return leg. After a close affair, Parnu ended up victorious winning by 6, 78-84.


Pieno Zvaigzdes had won the first outing 96-66, so there wasn't much to question in this series, but Parnu came out strong and disappointed the Pasvalys home crowd.

Timo Eichfuss and Siim Post were the go-to guys when it came to scoring, as each of them tallied 14 points. Nemanja Milijkovic added 13, while Rannar Raap and Saimon Sutt finished up with 11.

Jahenns Manigat and Ignas Fiodorovas led the Pasvalys side with 14 apiece, while Arturs Ausejs added 10 points to the tally.