Pieno zvaigzdes streak snaps in Tartu

TARTU - No doubt that the biggest bomb of the night came from Tartu, where Tartu University snapped the seven game winning streak of Pieno zvaigzdes with an 80-74 home victory.


Tartu, perhaps slightly surprisingly, looked like the better side from the early stages of the game. While the score was close, they had the upper hand after the initial ten minutes, leading the way by four, 24-20.

The Estonians picked up a couple extra points to extend the lead early in the second period and slowly built on that. With a couple minutes to go in the first half, they managed to break away by double digits, but the margin was cut in half before the end of the quarter.

Pieno zvaigzdes trailed by five points to start the third quarter, but soon found themselves facing a double-digit margin again. The visitors caught up with their opponents in the final quarter and with two minutes to go, were down by just two points.

However, a number of costly mistakes and bad passes stopped them from completing the comeback and Tartu University cold-heartedly finished the game with successful free throw shots.

Janar Talts had an outstanding performance, as he put up 19 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals, leading to a rating of 29 efficiency. Kristjan Kitsing added another 19 points to the tally, while Vytenis Cizauskas ended up with 14. Carl Engstrom had 10 points in his account.

For the losing side, there were just three players performing well, as Arturs Ausejs picked up 22 points, while Vyacheslav Bobrov eneded up with 18 points and 9 rebounds. Luis Shoshi ended up with 12 points and 8 rebounds.