Pieno Zvaigzdes survive OT thriller against Tartu, advance to finals

PASVALYS – Not even eighty minutes of basketball could put any separation between Pieno Zvaigzdes and University of Tartu, as we went to overtime in the do-or-die return leg. It was a no-nonsense affair, and after a hard-fought battle, Pasvalys rose triumphant, securing an 82-75 win and a ticket to the Finals.


Pieno Zvaigzdes worked hard to put up a tangible lead before the halftime break, as Tartu’s shots just weren’t falling. A 12-2 run allowed the Lithuanians to get away and, two quarters in, it was a solid, eight point, advantage for them.

The margin didn’t swing much in either direction in the third quarter and five minutes in, the Estonians were still down by eight. University of Tartu really couldn’t get anything to fall from downtown, making just one-of-ten, and that really halted their progress.

Nevertheless, a good end to the quarter allowed the Estonians to make a move in the final minutes and got the crowd of visiting fans excited for the final period. Before we entered the last ten minutes, it was just a 2-point margin between the two clubs.

For the next ten minutes it was a back-and-forth duel, as just a couple points stood between the two sides. Mid-way through the final quarter, Dominykas Milka nailed a pick-and-pop three-pointer to tie the game up and Tartu finally got ahead the next time they were in possession.

Tartu’s stifling defense allowed them to make it a five-point game, but it was cut to just one not even a minute later. A number of missed free-throws made it tough for the Estonians to extend their lead. Pasvalys managed to push the game to overtime, as the Estonians missed the mark on their final shot.

During the extra five minutes, there were a couple of swings, as the visitors managed to jump ahead first, but were denied by a 6-0 run. Pasvalys managed to defend from their opponents’ final possessions, as the Lithuanians went on to win 82-75.