Pyrinto thrash Barons/LDz

The first victory of the year was recorded in Finland, as Pyrinto easily got through Barons/LDz with an 83-53 (26-10; 11-12; 14-20; 32-3) victory in Group A.


Pyrinto is currently all tied up with a 5-5 record, while Barons/LDz have one victory less.

Pyrinto got hold of the game very early on, as the Latvians faced a 16-point deficit at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, it was more of the same, as the Latvian bench couldn't find a basket and trailed big-time at halftime.

While the third quarter was a turnaround for the Latvian side, it was still not enough to light a fire in the game, as Pyrinto destroyed their opponents in the final quarter by nearly thirty, leaving the fellow Latvians far far behind.

Damon Williams was the top scorer for the winning side with 16 points and 6 rebounds, while Alex Vaenerberg added 11 points. A couple of others contributed to the victory but none of them reached double-digits.

For the losing side, it was Kaspars Kambala leading the way. He scored 25 points and added 8 rebounds, while Jekabs Rozitis chipped in 7 points and 12 rebounds.