Rutkauskas leads Parnu past Barons/LDz

PARNU – Parnu has shown some improved basketball, as they racked their second consecutive victory against a tough opponent with the 83-71 (18-14; 24-22; 19-14; 22-21) victory against Barons/LDz.


Parnu has recently risen like a phoenix with two victories to make it a 3-5 record, while Barons now have a split record of 4 victories and 4 losses.

The game started very slowly as both teams struggled to find any sort of a rhythm. However, once they got going it was a nail-biting affair. The leading side changed 10 times in the first half alone and clearly nothing was set in stone after the first half despite Parnu’s six point lead.

However, the Estonians got in the groove in the third quarter and managed to build up a double-digit lead, which followed them throughout the rest of the game.

Ronaldas Rutkauskas showcased quite the performance, as he scored 20 points and corralled 16 rebounds. Sandis Silavs added 17 points, while Janis Vahter ended the game with 11 points. Rannar Raap and Renato Lindmets chipped in with 9 apiece.

Arturs Bricis was the game’s highest scorer with 21 points and 5 rebounds. Ernests Kalve added 14 points, while Gatis Jahovics finished with 9 points.