Siauliai end Estonian roadtrip with second win

PARNU - It was Siauliai's second victory in two days, as they completed their Estonian roadtrip with an 87-61 win against Port of Parnu.


Siauliai had the upper hand from the early stages of the game, landing a ten-point margin just four minutes in. The margin dipped to 8 before the quarter ended, but the Lithuanians were still very much in control.

The margin hovered around 10 points for the lion's share of the second quarter, but it was clear that Siauliai were the better side.

The breaking point of the game was the latter part of the third quarter, when a 6-point margin for Siauliai turned into a 17-point spread. Parnu were unable to recover, and it ended up being a big, 87-61 win for the visitors.

Akeem Wright was the go-to guy for Siauliai, as he ended the night with 17 points. Laurynas Birutis added 15 points and 7 rebounds, while Evaldas Saulys ended up with 14 points. Arminas Urbutis and Donatas Sabeckis finished the game with a dozen points in their respective accounts.

Siim Markus Post was the top-scorer with 17 points, while Timo Eichfuss added 11 points to the tally. Sten Saaremael ended the game with 10 points.