Triobet BBL Eight-Finals pairs announced

Nearly five months of exciting basketball have finally brought us the stage where it matters most – the Triobet BBL Play-offs. Twelve clubs from the regular season will advance and will be joined by three Estonian and one Lithuanian club, all of whom have been knocked out of other European competitions.


The four clubs joining us directly in the Play-offs will be University of Tartu, Vytautas, Kalev/Cramo and TLU, all seeded respectively 1-through-4, based on their accomplishments and combined results of the past three seasons in domestic leagues and Triobet BBL.

All other teams qualified for the Triobet BBL Eight-Finals were seeded from 5th to 16th place according to their regular season ranking (first 12 teams advance), which was based on: 1) their place in the group; 2) total number of points; 3) goals difference; 4) number of goals difference.

In normal circumstances, Tarvas/Palmse Metall would have been seeded 16th, but due to not showing up for their final game, they were eliminated from the Play-offs by a decision of the Triobet BBL Board. That means Barsy are next in line to take the final spot and will face first-seeded University of Tartu in the Eight-Finals round of the Play-offs.

# Team Name
1. Pieno Zvaigzdes
2. Barons kvartals
3. Valmiera/ORDO
4. Nevezis
5. Jekabpils
6. AVIS Rapla
7. Jurmala/Fenikss
8. Ogre/Kumho Tyre
9. Liepaja/Triobet
10. TTU
11. Port of Parnu
12. Barsy

The Play-offs will pair the 1st seed with the 16th, the 2nd with the 15th, etc. and the games will be played in a home-away format. The first leg of the Eight-Finals will be played on the 6-9th of February, while the second leg will be carried out after a week's break, on the 21-23rd of February.

The team with the higher ranking after the Triobet BBL Regular season (so, excluding University of Tartu, Vytautas, Kalev/Cramo and TLU Kalev) will play the second game at home.

Top-seeded team

Bottom-seeded team

Pair 1

1. University of Tartu

16. Barsy

Pair 2

2. Vytautas

15. Port of Parnu

Pair 3

3. Kalev/Cramo

14. TTU

Pair 4

4. TLU

13. Liepaja/Triobet

Pair 5

5. Pieno Zvaigzdes

12. Ogre/Kumho Tyre

Pair 6

6. Barons

11. Jurmala/Fenikss

Pair 7

7. Valmiera/ORDO

10. AVIS Rapla

Pair 8

8. Nevezis

9. Jekabpils

This year, we are guaranteed to have a new Triobet BBL Champion, as none of the former champions will be among the 16 remaining teams.