Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 13

Plenty of basketball to go around for everyone, as we got to see seven games this week. We had more than our fair share of high-pace offenses and spectacular individual performances, so let‘s round it all up in the thirteenth volume of the Triobet BBL Weekly Review.


MVP. Mihkel Kirves has been phenomenal in the first weeks of 2017. The 20-year-old has quadrupled his scoring and doubled his rebounding averages this year and was recently named the Triober BBL Player of the Week after putting up 28 points and 13 rebounds in Parnu‘s win against Liepaja/Triobet.

TRIPLE DIGITS. It was a good week for run-and-gun basketball, as three of the seven games ended with a team scoring over 100 points. Nevezis defeated Barsy by 30 after scoring 103 points, while Pieno Zvaigzdes hit the triple digit mark twice, scoring 106 in the 35-point win against TTU, and 112 in the game against Tarvas, reaching another win by 35 points.

OFFENSE. Speaking of run-and-gun, the league‘s highest-powered offense, Pieno Zvaigzdes, are currently averaging nearly a hundred points per game. A couple more games like the two we witnessed this week, and the 96.2 average will rise to triple digits. This kind of basketball has been serving the Lithuanians well, as they‘ve won 10-of-11 and are hands down the league‘s best team, defeating their opponents by an average of 25.9 points.

DEPTH. If you had to pinpoint the two main components in Pasvalys‘ latest victory, it would easily be phenomenal shooting and bench depth – we‘ve noticed that those two go along quite well together. The team shot 61.2 percent from the field, as they also made nearly half of their three-pointers. As for depth, the fact that Karolis Babkauskas was the lowest scorer in the team with 8 points, while the other 7 players who stepped on court scored in double digits, says quite a lot on its own.

LOSS. Same story, different week, as Barsy have not managed to turn their luck around, losing for the eighth and ninth time. To make things worse, the losses have been blowouts, as the two losses came at an average margin of 33 points.

SWING. A twelve point lead after the first quarter is usually a sign that you‘re going to do pretty well in the game. Nevertheless, that wasn‘t the case for Liepaja/Triobet, as the score took a 30-point swing in favor of Port of Parnu, as the Estonians ended up winning by 18 points after dominating the second half.

RECORD. For the first time this season, a player has reached double-digits in offensive rebounds, as Thomas van der Mars tore down 10 boards on the offensive glass, adding to the six he made on the defensive end. It was van der Mars‘ ninth double-double, as he also scored 22 points in Rapla‘s loss against Barons kvartals.