Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 15

It was our final week of the regular season and with teams battling for the highest seed, it was still full of uncertainty. Let‘s look back at what happened with the traditional Triobet BBL Weekly Review, already looking at its’ 15th volume.


MVP. Two of our segments will be assigned for Jurmala/Fenikss’ big man Viktors Iljins, who made headlines with his play against Nevezis. Not only did the center score 27 points and grab 12 rebounds, he also scored the game-winner tip-in and a free throw closing out the and-one play.

GAME WINNER. As we mentioned previously, Viktors Iljins made it happen for Jurmala/Fenikss, as his last-second shot and a free-throw that followed pushed the score to 72-71 for the Latvians. That gave Jurmala their sixth win and pushed them to the seventh spot in overall rankings.

WALKOVER. Tarvas Palmse/Metall caused controversy after not showing up to their final game of the regular season. The game will be counted as a forfeit and therefore Jekabpils received a technical 20-0 victory. Tarvas were eliminated from the Play-offs by a decision of the Triobet BBL Board and this was a blessing for Barsy, who took their place as the next best team.

LEADERS. Pieno Zvaigzdes finished out the season with the best record, followed by Barons kvartals. The teams had 11 and 10 victories, respectively. Valmiera/ORDO had the league’s third best record with nine wins. The game between the Pasvalys side and the Valmiera club could have flipped the table around, but the Lithuanians were able to hold on and celebrated the number one seed with a 77-71 win.

PLAYOFFS. 12 teams from the regular season advanced to the Triobet BBL Play-offs and will be joined by four clubs exiting other European competitions: University of Tartu, Vytautas, Kalev/Cramo and TLU, seeded one through four accordingly.