Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 17

The first round of the Triobet BBL Playoffs has already been completed and the number of remaining teams has been cut in half to just eight. Before we get going with the Quarterfinals, let’s take a look at what happened during the past week with the 17th volume of the Triobet BBL Weekly Review.


MVP. A victory and a Player of the Week performance for Jurijs Aleksejevs was not enough to keep Jekabpils in the race for the title. Aleksejevs missed just one shot, scoring 20 points and also added 12 rebounds, as the Latvian side defeated Nevezis 80-77.

SERIES-WINNER. Despite making a couple costly turnovers in the final quarter, Jermaine Love was the hero of the game, as he glided through the defense to score a series-winning lay-up with just a second on the clock. Although Nevezis lost 77-80, they had won the first leg by four and will now face University of Tartu in the Quarterfinals.

PAIRED. The four pairs of Quarterfinalists are clear, with three teams from Lithuania and Latvia each and two clubs from Estonia. Tartu will face off against Nevezis, Liepaja/Triobet will take on Pieno Zvaigzdes on one side of the Playoff tree. On the other side, Vytautas await Valmiera/ORDO, while Kalev/Cramo will test Barons kvartals.

COMEBACK. Going into the game with an eight-point deficit, many would have expected it to be tougher for Pieno Zvaigzdes to get back into the race, but they came up big against Ogre/Kumho Tyre, winning 97-64 and easily advancing to the next round.

RECORD. Regimantas Miniotas played his best game of the season, as he led Vytautas to a huge victory against Port of Parnu. The Lithuanian big man tore down 18 rebounds, thus tying the season record. He also dropped 12 points in the 89-54 win.

COMPLACENCY. Barons kvartals didn’t seem too motivated before their return leg of the Eight-Finals series against Jurmala/Fenikss, as they entered the game with a 31-point advantage. Jurmala/Fenikss thus managed to finish the season with a victory, despite being knocked out of the tournament.