Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 3

Add six more games under the belt in the new Triobet BBL season, as we reach yet another Sunday. presents the highlights of this week in the third volume of the Triobet BBL Weekly Review.


MVP. After a losing start to the season, Ogre/Kumho Tyre‘s fortunes have taken a swing, as they secured their last two victories. This week not only did they tab another win, but Karlis Apsitis also got an individual award, grabbing the weekly MVP honors. The forward scored 21 points on near-perfect shooting and added 6 rebounds to secure an efficiency rating of 28.

HOT. When it comes to looking for a definition of a hot hand, look no further than the whole Barons kvartals team in their victory over Nevezis. The Latvians shot at a spectacular 67 percent clip from behind the arc, nailing 14-of-21 attempts. Krsitaps Mediss led the team in that department, knocking down 5 of his 7 shots and scoring 22 points in just 19 minutes of basketball off the bench.

One free-throw. That‘s all the forementioned Borisfen managed to come through with in their last game against Jekabpils. Maksim Kozlovets made one of his six free-throw shots and had the highest percentage in the whole team with 17 percent.

DEBUT. Not a debut week they had hoped for for Borisfen, for sure. The Triobet BBL newcomers lost all three of their games by an average margin of 32 points and dropped to the very bottom of Group B alongside Tarvas, who also hold a 0-3 record.

BLOWOUT. Borisfen making the headlines, again. Jekabpils win against the Belorussians marked the biggest winning (losing) margin in this season‘s record book. It was also the highest scoring performance in the league. By the way, Borisfen also set the record for least points scored in a single quarter in another game, but that‘s a different story.

Three more games await on Tuesday and Wednesday each, as we‘ve got some truly exciting matchups on the schedule. Stay tuned.