Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 5

Yet another action-packed week has flown by, with some thrilling matches, including Barons/LDz’s first victory, being played. Let’s take a look at the greatest performances of the week in the fifth volume of the Triobet BBL Weekly Review!


JUST AS THEY WERE. Two teams continue their successful Triobet BBL campaigns with a perfect record of 5-0 in Group B. However, the streak is about to end for either Vytautas or Liepaja/Triobet, as the two undefeated clubs face off on Wednesday. Meanwhile, TTU and Port of Parnu have yet to secure their first victory and sit at the very bottom of their groups.

ADVANTAGE. Home-court advantage proves to be a major factor in the Triobet BBL week in, week out. All six matches were won by the home side this week, thus improving the combined home record to 23-13.

DOMINANCE. A new season rebounding record was set in Riga, where Barons/LDz’s Malcolm Rhett tore down season-high 16 rebounds against Port of Parnu in the team’s first victory of the season.

FIBA EUROPE CUP. All in all, it was a solid week in the European front for the Triobet BBL clubs, as three of four match-ups went to the Baltic clubs. Ventspils and Pieno Zvaigzdes captured victories in their respective groups, while Juventus defeated TU/Rock. The back-to-back champions Siauliai, however, were unsuccessful against Slask Wroclaw.

PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK. Edgars Jeromanovs had a terrific game against Tarvas, as he willed his team to a victory with a 30-point performance for Jurmala/Fenikss. The guard had no trouble pulling the trigger from beyond the arc and converted on six-of-eleven shots. While his scoring from closer range wasn’t as efficient, Edgars also added 7 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals to fill out the boxscore and push the total ranking to 28.