TTU beat Barsy for 2-0 record

TALLINN - TTU have turned some heads around with their recent play, as they are now one of just three teams to improve to a 2-0 record. Their recent win came against Barsy, as the Estonians shot ahead late for an 84-68 victory.


TTU got off to a better start and built a bit of momentum for themselves with a good opening quarter, working on it in the second quarter to get near to a double-digit advantage.

However, Barsy raced back sooner than most though and it seemed the game was turning into a thriller now, as the lead continued swinging back and forth for the remainder of the third period.

Basically, for three quarters it was a level battle, but then TTU switched on a different gear, winning the final quarter dominantly after a 10-nothing run early in the fourth set them apart. 

Sten Olmre was the leading scorer for the Estonians with 24 points to his name, as Oliver Metsalu added another 14 points, going alongside his 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

Sander Viilup chipped in 12 points, while Norman Kabin had a nice double-double of 11 points and 10 assists to go with his 6 rebounds. Toomas Raadik ended the game with 10.

On the other side, it was Pavel Ilin once again doing the heavy lifting. The Kazakh had 21 points and 5 boards, with most of his shots coming from downtown. Konstantin Glazyrin added a dozen, as Nened Milosevic ended the game with 11 points and rebounds each. Nikolay Bazhin finished the game with 10.