Valmiera/ORDO strike OT win against Barsy

VALMIERA - It took 45 minutes of basketball to decide the fate of the matchup between Valmiera and Barsy, as the hosts ended up on top by just three points, 88-85 in the OT drama.


The visitors quickly jumped ahead, setting themselves up with a 9-1 lead after just two minutes of basketball. They finished the quarter up by 8 and finally advanced their lead to double-digits with the first basket of the second period.

The visitors seemed to be in control, as the margin stuck right around that 10-point mark. However, the Latvians showed some signs of life in the end of the third period, trimming the deficit to 6.

Barsy had led throughout the lion's share of the game, with the lead as high as 15 points, but Valmiera/ORDO had other ideas, as they raced back with four consecutive three-pointers, including a four-point play from Janis Kaufmanis.

With 20 seconds to go, Viktors Iljins missed one of two free-throws that could have put them ahead, but the teams went on to overtime with 74 points apiece.

Janis Kaufmanis' dominance continued, as he scored 7 more points in the OT to confirm the victory. He was certainly the man of the night, scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter comeback and leading the night with 30 points in total.

Edmunds Elksnis added 21 points, as Viktors Iljins chipped in with 19 points and 13 rebounds.

Pavel Ilin was the top scorer for Barsy, as he dropped 24 points and added 8 rebounds. John Taylor added 16, while Nikolay Bazhin finished with 15 points.