Valmiera take series home with 13 points to spare

RAPLA – A double-digit victory on a hostile turf put Valmiera/ORDO in pole position of their Eight-finals series against AVIS Rapla. Not only will they have home-court advantage, but will also enter the game with 13 points to spare after the 78-65 win.


Valmiera piled the pressure up right from the get-go, as they put up a double-digit advantage not even halfway into the first quarter. Unable to retaliate, the Estonians could not reduce the deficit before the second quarter.

From the on, it was a very close game, as the teams traded baskets left and right. Nevertheless, the margin still stood at nine after two quarters, despite being reduced to six multpile times throughout the frame.

There were similar sights in the second half as well – after closing in on their opponents, AVIS Rapla just couldn’t complete the comeback, and a 7-0 run put Valmiera back in a safe spot.

There was a large gap between the two clubs for the whole fourth quarter, but a couple of great plays allowed Valmiera to finish the quarter strong and bring a 13-point advantage back home ahead of the second leg of the series.