Valmiera win fourth by 20 in come-back win

VALMIERA – Things went from terrible to amazing for Valmiera/ORDO in just ten minutes, as they made a tremendous effort to come back and win it 82-75 against TTU, marking their fourth win in six games.


TTU came out firing and seemed to have shocked Valmiera/ORDO with such a great start. The Estonians swiftly mounted a double-digit advantage and looked in control of all aspects of the game.

The Latvian side didn’t manage to respond with something similar, and TTU remained in control throughout the rest of the half. That was also the case in the third quarter, as the Estonians managed to expand the lead. It was already a 13-point spread at that time and things looked real grim for Valmiera.

It must have been something coach Uvis Helmanis said after three quarters, as Valmiera/ORDO came into the final quarter looking like a totally different team. They dominated throughout the whole court, on both ends, and piled up 33 points, while allowing just 13. That was enough to give them a great comeback victory.

Janis Kaufmanis was impressive on the offensive end, scoring 22 points to lead the way. Meanwhile, the trio of Damier Pitts (who also had 9 rebounds and 6 assists), Lauris Blaus and Arturs Berzins all chipped in with 16 points apiece.

On the other team, Joonas Jarvelainen had a great night, as he scored 24 points and added 8 rebounds. Sten Olmre chipped in with 16 points, while Toomas Raadik had a solid double-double with 14 points and 11 boards.