Verdict on Vytautas' game reached

The BBL Technical Comission has reached a final verdict on the incident on October 31st 2017 in Rapla, when BC Vytautas left the basketball court refusing to finish the game at the end of the 4th quarter.


After having reviewed the game and the incident and acting in accordance with FIBA Official Basketball rules Article 20.1. and 20.2., BBL has issued the following penalties:

BC Vytautas shall lose the game by forfeit if it refuses to play after being instructed to do so by the crew chief. The game is awarded to the opponents and the score shall be 20 to 0. The forfeiting team shall receive 0 points in the classification.

Additionally, by the decision of the BBL Technical Commission, in accordance with Baltic Basketball League Regulations Article 1.4. and Article 11.3., BC Vytautas is penalized with a fine of 3000 Euros for a first time infraction.

The incident occurred with less than three minutes remaining in the game, when Virginijus Seskus decided to withdraw his team to the locker room with him after having been awarded a second technical foul.