Vytautas forfeits, disqualification looming

BC Vytautas rocked the basketball world last month with the signing Liangelo and Lamelo Ball, who were set to make their professional debuts on Tuesday against Tsmoki-Minsk. However Vytautas recently announced their decision to part ways with the BBL, choosing a series of BBB Challenge friendly games instead. 


According to Article 11.3 of the BBL Regulations for the 2017-2018 season, Vytautas will be handed a fine of 5000 EUR for forfeiting a non-televised game.

This would make it Vytautas’ second forfeit of the season already and as FIBA Rules Article 20.2.3 states, if in a tournament the team forfeits for the second time, the team shall be disqualified from the tournament and the results of all games played by this team shall be nullified.

The first technical loss was handed to Vytautas in the end of October, when Head Coach Virginijus Seskus decided to withdraw his team to the locker room with him after having been awarded a second technical foul in the game against AVIS Utilitas Rapla.

Final sanctions for the club will be decided in the BBL board meeting.

More about the first technical loss: http://bbl.net/en/news/seskus-interrupts-match%2C-vytautas-handed-technical-loss/