Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 21


We're closing in on the final two weeks of basketball, as the Semi-Finals have already been taken care of. Let's take a look at what's happened throughout the past week with the 21st volume of the Triobet BBL Weekly Review.

FINALS. It‘s going to be all Lithuania in the Triobet BBL Finals, as both Vytautas and Pieno Zvaigzdes managed to hold off their Estonian opponents. The two Lithuanian clubs have faced off three times in the domestic league this season, Vytautas leading the season series 2-1. They also matched up in the Lithuanian Cup Quarterfinals, where Vytautas achieved a comfortable win.

MVP. Regimantas Miniotas put up a tremendous performance in one of the biggest games of the season for Vytautas. He scored 21 points and ripped down 9 rebounds, thus earning his first Triobet BBL Player of the Week award.

OVERTIME. The series between Pieno Zvaigzdes and University of Tartu was an instant classic, as not even eighty minutes of basketball could separate the two clubs. After finishing the first game all tied up, the second leg was decided after a thrilling 45 minutes of basketball, where the Lithuanians came out on top.

COMEBACK. It was a great comeback story for Vytautas in the other Semi-Final. Having gone down by six points in Tallinn, the Lithuanians had to step up at home. However, the start of the game wasn‘t what they expected it to be and they were already trailing by a combined score of 20 points in the second quarter. Vytautas managed to swing things their way in the second half and went on to join Pasvalys in the Finals.

BRONZE. In the battle for bronze, it‘s going to be two Estonian clubs matching up. Kalev/Cramo and University of Tartu have matched up three times in the Estonian league this year. As of now, the season series stands at 2-1 in favor of the Tallinn side. Kalev/Cramo have also taken the Estonian Cup, beating Tartu 71-66 in the Final. Time for payback?

Triobet BBL Player of the Week – Regimantas Miniotas


Regimantas Miniotas broke loose when his team needed him most, putting up an outstanding performance in the do-or-die Semi-Final matchup against Kalev/Cramo. He has been named our latest Triobet BBL Player of the Week!

Miniotas was Vytautas’ highest scorer and best rebounder as well, nearly tallying a double-double with 21 points and 9 rebounds in his account. The forward, standing at 206 centimeters, made 3 three-pointers and led his team to a difficult series-clinching victory. With such a performance from the 21-year-old, the Lithuanians managed to overturn a 6-point first leg deficit and advanced to the finals with an 88-77 win.

Miniotas has played in six games in the Triobet BBL so far this season, and has been ever-present, averaging 12.3 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists for the league finalists, entering double-digit scoring in his five latest games. He’s done it in a very efficient way too, averaging an efficiency rating of 18.2.

Pieno Zvaigzdes survive OT thriller against Tartu, advance to finals


PASVALYS – Not even eighty minutes of basketball could put any separation between Pieno Zvaigzdes and University of Tartu, as we went to overtime in the do-or-die return leg. It was a no-nonsense affair, and after a hard-fought battle, Pasvalys rose triumphant, securing an 82-75 win and a ticket to the Finals.

Pieno Zvaigzdes worked hard to put up a tangible lead before the halftime break, as Tartu’s shots just weren’t falling. A 12-2 run allowed the Lithuanians to get away and, two quarters in, it was a solid, eight point, advantage for them.

The margin didn’t swing much in either direction in the third quarter and five minutes in, the Estonians were still down by eight. University of Tartu really couldn’t get anything to fall from downtown, making just one-of-ten, and that really halted their progress.

Nevertheless, a good end to the quarter allowed the Estonians to make a move in the final minutes and got the crowd of visiting fans excited for the final period. Before we entered the last ten minutes, it was just a 2-point margin between the two clubs.

For the next ten minutes it was a back-and-forth duel, as just a couple points stood between the two sides. Mid-way through the final quarter, Dominykas Milka nailed a pick-and-pop three-pointer to tie the game up and Tartu finally got ahead the next time they were in possession.

Tartu’s stifling defense allowed them to make it a five-point game, but it was cut to just one not even a minute later. A number of missed free-throws made it tough for the Estonians to extend their lead. Pasvalys managed to push the game to overtime, as the Estonians missed the mark on their final shot.

During the extra five minutes, there were a couple of swings, as the visitors managed to jump ahead first, but were denied by a 6-0 run. Pasvalys managed to defend from their opponents’ final possessions, as the Lithuanians went on to win 82-75.

Vytautas flip the script in Semi-Final, defeat Kalev/Cramo


PRIENAI – The first finalist was finally revealed after a hard-fought battle between Vytautas and Kalev/Cramo. While the visitors came into the game with a six-point advantage, that proved to be insufficient, as the Lithuanians won 88-77 and advanced to the Finals of the tournament.

It was a slow start for both squads, as nerves were definitely in play. Both sides struggled finding ways to the basket all quarter long, and it was a 4-point advantage, 13-9, for the visitors after ten minutes of play.

Kalev/Cramo brought out the big guns in the second quarter, as they raced off to a 26-13 lead not even halfway into the second period. However, Vytautas were not ready to give up on their hopes despite a combined 19-point deficit considering the first match-up. They got within six points in the game before halftime and gave themselves a fighting chance.

They continued working hard after the break and soon managed to tie up the game. And although Kalev/Cramo led for the lion‘s share of the third quarter, Tomas Delininkaitis took over, as he started splashing, nailing a couple of threes to push the Lithuanians ahead 54-51 right before the buzzer. Making things a bit worse for Vytautas was the fact that Vytenis Cizauskas had already fouled out, while Arturas Valeika was in heavy foul trouble.

Vytautas opened up the quarter with another three and that wiped away the whole first-game deficit and now put Kalev/Cramo in the chaser‘s position.

The margin had already reached 10 points, but Vitali Liutych hit a three, followed by an offensive foul from Arturas Valeika, which was also his fifth, and Kalev/Cramo was hoping to regain some ground.

The Lithuanians won the battle under the boards with multiple offensive rebounds and kept a safe advantage helped by long-range bombs with the clock running out. With 2 minutes on the clock, the Lithuanians had already jumped ahead by 17 and it seemed all done, as their defense seemed impenetrable in the second half.

However, it seemed Vytautas wasn’t ready for Kalev’s full-court press, as they wiped away 7 points in less than 30 second, followed by a three-pointer, bringing the Estonians within nine, with an opportunity to trim the deficit even more. Liutych’s three missed the mark and fouling was the last unsuccessful attempt to salvage something out of the game.

Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 20


Only two games were played this week, as the number of teams keeps winding down. It would seem that there isn’t too much to review, but the first legs of both Semi-Finals were even more exciting than we could have hoped for. Let’s recap it all in the Triobet BBL Weekly Review.

MVP. Andriy Agafonov has been named the Triobet BBL Player of the Week for the second time this season, as he led his team in both scoring and rebounding. The big man recorded 24 points and 7 rebounds, as his Pieno Zvaigzdes took on University of Tartu.

TIE. The return leg in Pasvalys is looking to become a thriller if the first match is something we can judge it on. After a back-and-forth affair, Pieno Zvaigzdes finished on level terms against University of Tartu, 88-88 and we’re hoping for a game as exciting in Lithuania.

QUOTE. Tartu Head Coach Gert Kullamae: "I think it'll be good going on from this result. Whoever wins the next game is moving forward, no playing mind games, no nothing. Very straight-forward. I do still think we can definitely play better defensively in some moments. To come out with a win next time, we have to improve for sure."

NO DEFENSE. The other Semi-Final was even more high-scoring, as both teams found ways to the basket all game long. One thing for sure, Vytautas’ Head Coach Virginijus Seskus couldn’t have been happy with his interior defense – Kalev/Cramo scored 71 percent of their two-point shots, making 27 of 38 shots. Despite that, the Estonians ended up winning by a slim margin, 94-88.

RHYTHM. Tomas Delininkaitis got in a groove early on, making four three-pointers in just the first twelve minutes of the game, and was a focal point of Alar Varrak’s defensive adjustments. He pointed out that the key to the game was Erik Keedus’ defense against the sharp-shooting veteran.

Triobet BBL Player of the Week - Andriy Agafonov


For the first time this season, the Player of the Week will not be coming from a side that achieved victory. Pieno Zvaigzdes‘ Center Andriy Agafonov was efficient as ever in the Semi-Final against University of Tartu, as the two sides finished with the score level at 88.

This is Agafonov‘s second Weekly MVP award this season, as he‘s proved to be one of the league‘s most dominant big men.

In the tie game against Tartu, the Ukrainian had team-highs of 24 points and 7 rebounds, while he made 8-of-11 from the field and 7-of-8 off the charity stripe. He was excellent with 29 ranking points, and it was his second-highest ranked game throughout the season.

Agafonov has been in scintillating form throughout the play-offs, as he‘s averaged 15.0 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.0 assists, adding up to 20.4 ranking points per game.

That was a bit of an upgrade over his regular season campaign, as he averaged 13.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 0.7 assists in the group stage – an average of 15.5 ranking points.

Pieno Zvaigzdes will be needing more of the same from Agafonov, as he tries to outmatch Dominykas Milka in the return game against Univesity of Tartu in Pasvalys.

Kalev/Cramo get the better of Vytautas at home


TALLINN – The first leg of the series between Kalev/Cramo and Vytautas never turned into a nail-biter we’d hoped for, but it was surely a very competitive game. The Estonians led end-to-end but only managed to amass a 6-point advantage before the return match, as they won 94-88.

Kalev/Cramo waited for nobody once the game started. They got the first bucket and held on to the lead until the very end. However, it was a very intense battle nevertheless, as the Estonians had a very slippery, 24-20 lead after the opening period.

Mid-way through the second quarter, the Estonians had already managed to triple the 4-point advantage, as they got ahead by 12 points with impressive play on the offensive and a couple of big blocks on the other end.

Immediately, a time-out was called, and despite the big lead, Kalev/Cramo Head Coach Alar Varrak stressed the importance of shutting down Tomas Delininkaitis, who already had 12 points on four three-pointers. The veteran was the only thing keeping Vytautas’ engine running at that point and keeping Vytautas in the game. Two quarters in, the score was 51-37, in favor of the hosts.

The Lithuanians managed to regain some momentum after the break, as Delininkaitis’ sixth three got them back within seven. The margin jumped back and forth but before the buzzer, signaling the end of the third quarter, sounded, the Lithuanians had trimmed the deficit to six points.

At the start of the final fourth, another long-range bomb cut the deficit in half and left just three points of breathing space for the struggling Kalev/Cramo. However, the hosts weren’t very welcoming and quickly regained composure and a double-digit advantage. However, sloppy play in the final minutes cost Kalev/Cramo a lot, as Vytautas managed to trim the deficit to just six.

Kalev/Cramo Head Coach Alar Varrak: "The key moment was when Erik Keedus started to defend Delininkaitis and since then we kept building the lead. But as he collected fouls and had to return to the bench, they came back. Of course, the worst moment was the technical foul of Martin but that was not the reason why we didn't win as much as we deserved. The problem was a certain imbalance between two-pointers and three-pointers - we shot a bit too few triples today. Of course, six points means nothing and the real semifinal will be played on Wednesday."

Vytautas Head Coach Virginijus Seskus: "Certain lack of preparation was a big trouble during the first half - we only had 6 rebounds in the first half. Imagine that - six! They made 7 fast-breaks and dominated the game inside. We really missed Saulius Kulvietis today. Things changed in the second half - they only had 2 fast-breaks and our veterans did a good job bringing us back - I think we have good chances in the home game. I also have to say that playing in VTB has really helped Kalev - the level of their defense is very high."

All square after first leg in Tartu


TARTU – The first Semi-Final tipped off strong, as current Estonian championship leaders TU/Rock took on Lithuanian side Pieno Zvaigzdes. After a level-sided bout, the game ended in a draw with the score tied at 88-88. We will find out the victors of the series in Pasvalys next week.

The home side, encouraged by a packed arena, had a good start to the game, especially on the defensive end, as Gert Dorbek led them to an 8-2 lead halfway through the first quarter. They retained a slight advantage throughout the quarter and finished the opening period leading by five.

The visitors looked stronger in the second quarter though, as they shot the ball well and quickly wiped away the deficit, even jumping ahead by four points themselves. Despite small runs happening for each side, neither Tartu, nor Pasvalys managed to sort anything out in the first half, as they entered halftime with 37-38 on the scoreboard.

Things really got lit after the break, as the Semi-Final turned into a high-paced shoot-out. Both teams were finding ways to the basket at will, but still neither could out-run their opponents. The quarter finished 26-25 in favor of University of Tartu and it was still a level-pegged game at 63 points apiece before the final quarter.

TU/Rock came out focused and managed to get their noses in front by five in the opening minutes, as Pasvalys were shut down, scoring all their points from the free-throw line in the three opening minutes. Janari Joesaar performed a couple of highlight plays that allowed the home side to advance their lines to eight points a minute later.

Nevertheless, the margin quickly dwindled down, as the scoring continued coming in bunches. With 30 seconds on the clock, three points stood between the two clubs, as Steponas Babrauskas drained a difficult three-point shot to tie the game up. Tartu dribbled out most of the shot-clock knowing they had the final attempt, but ended up missing. With the score tied at 88, the teams would find out the victor of the series in a do-or-die game in Pasvalys.

Pieno Zvaigzdes Head Coach Ramunas Cvirka: "Our big problem today was defensive rebounding. Much of the other things are the same, three point shots, two point shots, but 21 offensive rebounds for them... That we have to improve on. Offensively, I was happy with the game, 88 points is a good result. I'd be happier if we'd won it, but a tie is not bad."

Tartu Head Coach Gert Kullamae: "I think it'll be good going on from this result. Whoever wins the next game is moving forward, no playing mind games, no nothing. Very straight-forward. I think both teams played good quality offense today and that reflects in statistics on both sides too. However, I do still think we can definitely play better defensively in some moments, especially against their threes - some of the players, very good shooters anyway, got too much freedom. To come out with a win next time, we have to improve for sure."

Triobet BBL Weekly Review: Volume 19


The season is heading towards its’ culmination, as we closed out the Quarterfinals stage this week. Only four game this week, so it’s not that hard to pinpoint all the highlights in one spot, as we always do with the Triobet BBL Weekly Review, this time already at its’ 19th Volume.

MVP. Traditionally, we start off with the highlight individual performance – our Triobet BBL Player of the Week. Dominykas Milka of TU/Rock was impressive in his team’s road victory against Nevezis, as he scored 26 points (20 in the first half) and tore down 7 rebounds. Milka was lethal from mid-range and converted with consistency on the offensive end.

AWAY GAMES. TU/Rock were defeated at home with a buzzer-beater from Jermaine Love, but managed to turn things around on the road, winning comfortably by 14 points in the return leg.

HEROICS. Most would have written off Barons kvartals after their 19-point loss in the first leg of the series against Kalev/Cramo, but the Latvians managed to turn the return leg into a thriller. Barons were dominant three quarters through and even managed to tie the series up, going ahead by 19, but they just ran out of gas in the final fourth.

ADVANTAGE. Vytautas should be happy they did their work early and came away with the huge victory in Prienai, as Valmiera showed up to fight encouraged by their fans. The Latvians won the game 74-64, but it was by far not enough to overcome the 31-point deficit from the game prior.

EASY. The Quarterfinals were not as lopsided as some might have thought, as only Pieno Zvaigzdes managed to take home two victories. After a 10-point win on the road, the Lithuanians backed it up with a 16-point win at home. All the other teams split their series at 1-1.

Triobet BBL Player of the Week - Dominykas Milka


In the past week, there was no one other player that had as big of an impact as University of Tartu big man Dominykas Milka did. His performance in the return leg against Nevezis wasn't left unnoticed, as he earned Player of the Week honors.

University of Tartu bounced back from the last-second loss at home and carried out a beating on Nevezis, winning the game by 14, 92-78.

Milka was the notable player of the game, scoring in bunches in the first half of the game, as he already had 20 points just in the first two quarters and helped TU/Rock jump ahead with his lethal pick-and-pop jumpshots. He was nailing shots from the top of the key with consistency, as he bagged 11-of-16 overall from the field. The Lithuanian big finished the night with 26 points and also added 7 rebounds and 2 assists to the tally.

Milka has been a consistant performer for the Estonian club, scoring in double-digits in all four games this season, as he‘s averaging 18.0 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists.