Pieno zvaigzdes burst for 110 points in Ogre


OGRE - Pieno zvaigzdes once again showed that they are a weapon of a high caliber, going off for a season-high 110 points in the 110-83 blowout win against Ogre.

The outcome of the game was clear even before the second half started, as Ogre faced a 22-point deficit, with no real sights at coming back. The third quarter was more of a level battle, but looking at the whole context of the game, Pieno zvaigzdes didn't really have too much motivation to push hard for a larger advantage.

Nevertheless, with points coming easy, the Lithuanians embarked on their highest-scoring quarter to reach 110 points. It turned out to be an easier win than most expected and Pasvalys will be happy bringing the victory home.

Eight players were in double-digit scoring for Pieno zvaigzdes, as Steponas Babrauskas was the only player not to get on the scoresheet, missing all five shots in 15 minutes.

Trevon Hughes and Tomas Lekunas were the two top scorers with 18 points apiece, while Nikita Balashov and Ignas Fiodorovas added another 12 each.

Despite being blown out, Ogre had several players putting up good numbers, with Janis Poznaks leading the way with 16 points to his name. Janis Antrops had 15, while Roberts Niedra and Guntis Sipolins scoring respectively 14 and 12 points, as the latter also had 10 rebounds.

Verdict on Vytautas' game reached


The BBL Technical Comission has reached a final verdict on the incident on October 31st 2017 in Rapla, when BC Vytautas left the basketball court refusing to finish the game at the end of the 4th quarter.

After having reviewed the game and the incident and acting in accordance with FIBA Official Basketball rules Article 20.1. and 20.2., BBL has issued the following penalties:

BC Vytautas shall lose the game by forfeit if it refuses to play after being instructed to do so by the crew chief. The game is awarded to the opponents and the score shall be 20 to 0. The forfeiting team shall receive 0 points in the classification.

Additionally, by the decision of the BBL Technical Commission, in accordance with Baltic Basketball League Regulations Article 1.4. and Article 11.3., BC Vytautas is penalized with a fine of 3000 Euros for a first time infraction.

The incident occurred with less than three minutes remaining in the game, when Virginijus Seskus decided to withdraw his team to the locker room with him after having been awarded a second technical foul.

Seskus interrupts match, Vytautas handed technical loss


An exciting match-up between Vytautas and AVIS Utilitas Rapla was halted with just three minutes to go when the Lithuanian side's Head Coach Virginijus Seskus decided to withdraw his team to the locker room with him after having been awarded a second technical foul.

While the score at the moment of the incident was tied at 65, the Lithuanian side has been handed a technical loss. The Technical Commission will be reviewing this incident further and acting according to the BBL Regulations.

You can see the video of the incident below:

TLU coast past Barsy for first win


TALLINN - In what was surely not the most exciting game, Tallinna Kalev/TLU had absolutely no trouble handling visting Barsy, as they comfortably coasted through the game and took a 73-42 victory

The Estonians had no interest in allowing this game to drag on, and instantaneously took the reigns, running off to a double-digit advantage just one quarter into the game.

The margin just grew from then on and reached 19 before the second half. If that was not enough of a statement from the hosts, they made sure to lay things to bed in the final quarter, allowing a mere five points, while scoring 18 themselves. The final score perfectly reflected the dominance TLU demonstrated in the outing.

Bamba Fall and Kaido Saks both had great games, recording 17 points apiece, while Dorde Dzeletovic and Kristo Saage also entered double-digit scoring. The two had 13 and 12 points respectively. As Mario Paiste added 7 points, Reimo Tamm and Janis Vahter were the only two players to record points off the bench, as they combined for another seven.

Dmitrii Ezhov had a team-high 14 points for Barsy, as Konstantin Glazyrin had 13.

Siauliai dominant against Liepaja


SIAULIAI - Champion of multiple BBL trophies, Siauliai continued their successful campaign with an 85-61 win against Betsafe/Liepaja on Tuesday evening.

It was a tightly contested battle just for the first five minutes, as the teams swung back and forth, before Siauliai finally managed to cut loose. They won the first quarter by seven, but were chased back early in the second quarter. Nevertheless, before halftime it was already a double-digit affair.

Siauliai kept on expanding their lead and went on to win by a huge margin, giving them their second win in as many games.

The hosts were ignited by an outstanding performance from Donatas Sabeckis, who was close to a triple-double. The 24-year-old tallied 14 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, while also contributing 3 steals to the cause.

Arminas Urbutis added 18 points, while Omar Prewitt had 15. Giedrius Stankevicius and Sarunas Beniusis finished the game with 11 and 10 points respectively.

For the Liepaja side, Toms Leimanis stood out with 22 points in his account. Roberts Krastins adde 16 points, while Karlis Lasmanis had 9.

Vytautas race back to win it in Parnu


PARNU - It came close to another upset, as last year's champions Vytautas nearly fell in Parnu. It was only an excellent final quarter that saved Vytautas, as they ended up winning 88-75.

Parnu were off to the races from the get-go, as they jumped ahead early on. However, Vytautas didn't allow the to get too far ahead and before the quarter ended, had just a two-point deficit.

The visitors' defense seemed lax and Parnu got off to a good start once again - with a great five-minute stretch, they managed to up their lead to double digits and enjoyed a 47-39 lead a few minutes late during halftime.

The Estonians retained a three-possession lead nearly throughout the whole third quarter and looked good before the final period. However, that is when Vytautas finally got going.

Vytautas started the quarter off with a 12-2 run and quickly put themselves ahead. The dominance in the fourth quarter didn't stop there - for a seven-minute period the Lithuanians were scoring at will and the only points they allowed came from the free-throw line. That was the key to closing out the game with a 13-point advantage.

Eigirdas Zukauskas had a career game with 29 points and 8 rebounds to his account, leading the way with five long-range bombs. He was helped by Denys Lukashov, who had 18 points and 8 rebounds, while Gediminas Maceina proved to be Mr. Efficient, scoring 9 points on 4-of-4 shooting, while also adding 4 rebounds and assists each, all in the matter of 13 minutes.

The hosts' hopes were powered by 22 points from Siim Markus Post and Mikhel Kirves, who had 16. Karl Martin Kask added 13 points to the tally.

Barsy shock Tartu in hostile territory


TARTU - It came as a shock to many, when visiting Barsy Atyrau claimed victory against last season's medalists BC Tartu. The Kazakhs built their lead up slowly throughout the game and ended on top 88-79, getting their campaign going victoriously.

The game went back and forth for the first two quarters, although it seemed that the Estonians had the upper hand early on. Tartu started the first quarter 13-7 for a nice early lead, but that didn't last long - the visitors quickly raced back and finally got in front in the second quarter.

From then on, it was a seesaw affair, with the lead changing hands numerous times throughout the period.

The third quarter was where it got busy for the Kazakhstan side. They forced several turnovers and used those for some easy baskets, quickly advancing their lead to double-digits.

The home side managed to cut the deficit to just three point with a minute on the clock, but Barsy had no wasted possessions in the last 60 seconds and ended up winning by nine.

The visitors were powered by the duo of Nikolay Bazhin and Nened Milosevic, who had 20 points apiece. Dmitrii Ezhov chipped in with another 17 points, while Konstantin Glazyrin and Pavel Ilin had respectively 14 and 13 points.

For the other side, Steven Cook and Janar Talts were the two top scorers, contributing 16 points each. Tanel Sokk added 13 points, Kristjan Kitsing helped out with 12, whereas Robin Kivi ended the game with 11.

Valmiera/ORDO swept away in Tallinn


TALLINN - TTU showed no mercy to visiting Valmiera/ORDO, as they graciously glided to a 90-69 victory at home, marking their first win of the season.

TTU shocked everybody with a 19-2 start to the quarter. Perhaps surprised by the success they had, the Estonians couldn't continue building on that lead and fell back. Still, after a quarter it was a small lead for them.

They made sure the story wouldn't repeat itself in the second period, as the pushed the margin back to double-digits and enjoyed a 16-point advantage at halftime.

Valmiera took small steps in getting back into the game but were abruptly pushed back in the final fourth, as TTU concluded a dominant win with another 10 minutes of solid basketball.

Oliver Metsalu was the game's highest scorer with 20 points, while Toomas Raadik provided a performance no less spectacular - 19 points and 13 rebounds. Sander Viilup had 13 points, while Tonis Peil ended up with 12.

Viktors Iljins was the best player for the Valmiera side with 18 points and 11 rebounds. Janis Kaufmanis added 17 points to the tally.

Pieno zvaigzdes manage a victory against TLU Kalev


PASVALYS - It was a hard fought battle end to end, but Pieno zvaigzdes managed to come out on top in their matchup against TLU Kalev, raking in the 77-71 victory.

The matchup was a very close one, end to end with the lead changing hands 10 times and the game being tied another 11 times - the farthest distance between the two teams was 7 points at the start of the game, when Pieno zvaigzdes jumped ahead 12-5 midway through the first period.

From then on, it was nip-and-tuck, with neither side leaving any room for the other. The Lithuanians managed to keep their heads out of the water and 20 minutes in, it was a 4 point advantage for them.

By the time the fourth quarter started, the game was all square - 61-61. The scales remained level for most of the final quarter and with less than a minute remaining it was still a level ball game. However, Arturs Ausejs nailed a game-clinching three-pointer with a foul which was followed by a turnover in play by the Estonians.

A great game, a dramatic finish and a victory for the home side.

It was an all-around performance for Pieno zvaigzdes, as everybody on the team made a mark scoring. Leading the scoring ranks for the Lithuanian side was Julius Kazakauskas with 14 points, as Arturs Ausejs chipped in 13. Nikita Balashov closed out the trio of players in double-digits with 11 points and 10 rebounds to his name.

For Tallinna Kalev/TLU, Dorde Dzeletovic was the leading scorer with 21 points to his name. Kristo Saage and Janis Vahter dded respectively 11 and 10 points, whereas Bamba Fall was close to a double-double with 8 points and 12 rebounds.

Dominant first half brings Vytautas season's first win


PRIENAI - Despite struggles in the local front, Vytautas had no problems at all coping with Tsmoki-Minsk in their BBL face-off. The Lithuanians jumped ahead early and coasted all the way through, leading to a 91-56 victory. This was Tsmoki's second loss in two days.

Vytautas made a statement that their fortunes this season are about to change, as they opened up the game with a 15-2 run in the first 4 minutes. They retained control of the double-digit lead before the first quarter ended and put the game to bed in the second one.

11 points separated the teams early in the second quarter, but a solo performance from Edvinas Seskus, who scored 9 points in 90 seconds, quickly left Tsmoki in the dust. Vytautas finished the half strong and were in complete control of the game.

The margin just continued expanding and reached 30 before the final quarter even began. There was no sense of complacency from Vytautas, though, as their dominance brought a 35-point win.

Martynas Linkevicius was the most efficient player in the game, as he picked up 19 points and 10 rebounds. Eigirdas Zukauskas added 15 points to the tally, while Edvinas Seskus finished the game with 14.

Two players entered double-digit scoring for the Belorussian side, with Yauheni Beliankou leading the way with 15. Roman Rubinshteyn ended the game with 10 points in his account.